as Simple as it gets.

Just plug the power cord of your TV or other device into the Token Timer, lock it with the parent key, and hand out the tokens as you see fit. Token Timer allows 35 minutes of power fore each token.  With Token Timer Pro you can adjust allowed time from 1min to 24 hours. Use tokens like an allowance, or to reward positive behavior like chores or homework.

When the time is up, the power is shut off. When multiple tokens are inserted, the time is added, and the unit warns you with lights and a beep when time is about to run out. Token Timer pro also includes a digital countdown display.  Insert the parent key to allow unlimited use or pause the countdown.  Token Timer can be used on power up to 250V and has a max current draw of 15 amps.

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control Almost Anything with a power cord

Television: Install Token Timer on the power cord for the TV, cable box, or satellite receiver

Video Games: Install Token Timer on the power cord for the TV or video game console

Internet: Install Token Timer on the power cord for the computer monitor, charger, modem, or router

Mobile: Install Token Timer on the charging plug for any mobile phone, tablet or laptop

Other: Install on appliances such as washer, dryer, AC, or lighting (max current draw must be under 15amps)

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it's the Best Product of its kind

  • Proven success with autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities.
    • When the time is up the TV shuts off… no argument!
    • Token Timer Pro can be adjusted to appropriate time intervals
    • Successfully shown to reduce tantrums
  • We’ve been selling our timers for over 20 years
    • We know what works and what lasts and we’ve perfected the design
    • We’ve worked with numerous doctors and professors and have proven results
  • It is the easiest to setup and operate
    • Other systems require programming and memorization
    • Token Timer installs in seconds, and works on almost any device
  • The reward-based system works
    • Even young kids learn the system quickly
    • In addition to limiting media intake, you get a powerful parenting tool
  • Our solid steel tokens are chrome-plated and polished to a high shine
    • Other systems use cheap plastic or aluminum tokens
    • Your kids will be excited to earn and use our tokens
  • It is durable and tamper proof
    • Other systems can be “tricked” with paper clips or other objects
    • Token Timer has sophisticated sensors that detect and prevent tampering
    • When tampering is detected, the unit shuts off and flashes until the parent key is inserted
  • 30-day money back guarantee
    • If you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.  No questions asked
    • We also have a 90-day warranty on parts and workmanship
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Mission Statement

To offer empowering solutions for healthy, active families.

As our customers will attest…Token Timer is a very powerful parenting tool that allows families a simple and easy to understand platform, that can be implemented in any number of ways.  Did you do your homework?  Eat all the food on your plate? Use the toilet like a grown up? Calm down after your tantrum?  Proven and tested….Token Timer simply works.

Furthermore, children must learn valuable time management skills when deciding when and how to to use their well earned tokens.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children watch no more than 2 hours of TV per day.  As an additional benefit, TV time tends to decrease when families use Token Timer, resulting in more time for homework, reading, hobbies, and play.  Here at Token Timer we are very proud of our product and more importantly how it helps families from around the world to to stay healthy, active, and happy.


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